Cupcake-tastic Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

When designers are working on the look and feel of a website, they often use Lorem ipsum to temporarily fill out the content:

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Variations of this legitimate Latin text have been used since the 1960’s. As traditional Lorem ipsum is a lil’ old school at this point, I wanted to make sure all were aware of the awesome alternatives!

Cupcake ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum logo

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A Warm Wind

Garth Williams


“Wherever the wind takes us. High, low. Near, far. East, west. North, south. We take to the breeze, we go as we please.”

— E.B. White, “Charlotte’s Web”

It has been an honor to have been your teacher at Roosevelt High School this year. Getting to know each of you has been a true pleasure, and I wish you all the best of luck wherever the warm winds of life take you.

The Problem About Being a Programmer

How Kinect Spawned a Commercial Ecosystem

Freaks, Geeks and Microsoft

How Kinect Spawned a Commercial Ecosystem

NY Times Magazine
Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rob Walker


In yesterday’s NY Times Magazine, there was an article about how the Kinect has come to be something of an open-source platform for gestural interfaces. This was something of a surprise to Microsoft, or was it…?

Seattle Maker Faire 2012

The Seattle Maker Faire is this weekend, Saturday & Sunday at the Seattle Center, 10am – 5pm in the NorthWest rooms.

Tickets are required, but I might be able to score us some free passes; stay tuned for that news.  There are periodic demonstrations and a host of booths & exhibits to get ideas and inspiration for your own Do It Yourself projects.  Come to Get Inspired!  Then go home and build it yourself!

Also at the Seattle Center on Saturday (only)!

While you are at Seattle Center Saturday, you can also check out a bunch of Robots at Robothon 2012 at the Center House  (also 10am-5pm, Saturday only).  And if you are into Game Design, you might want to consider iFest 2012 on Saturday (9:30pm – 6pm), which requires pre-registration.  It will be a great day to be at the Seattle Center!