Online Privacy Disucssion

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Dilbert: Oct 12, 2010

On Wednesday, because of the short periods for PSAT testing, we will have a discussion instead of a work session. The topic is online privacy.

In Monday’s (10/11/2010) issue of the NY Times, there was a front page article about how the coming new version of HTML (HTML 5) will enable powerful new capabilities for web browsers.

But this new technology will also make it possible for websites to store huge amounts of data about your online habits in “cookies.” This has enormous implications for user privacy.

In class, we will discuss the pros and cons of this issue. Because of the short period, please read the articles below before class. We’ll summarize the arguments and then discuss the issues.

Please go to the Lab 319 blog post about this issue and post a comment there, responding to some of the questions and issues raised by this topic.


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