Car Hacking

Last week, during one of our discussions about online privacy and digital footprints, I mentioned in some classes that cars are going to be a new target for computer hackers. Some of you expressed skepticism about this possibility.

In fact, car hacking is a very real possibility and has recently been demonstrated by a group of researchers at the UW. I know some of these researchers and contacted one of them. She has agreed to come to Roosevelt and talk to us about their work, which has received international attention.

Franzi Roesner, a PhD student in the UW’s Computer Science and Engineering program, will be a guest speaker here next Tuesday, October 26 in class. This is a late arrival day, so we will have long periods, and enough time to hear about the project and discuss this issue.

You do NOT want to miss this session, as there will be a special surprise associated with it that I am pretty sure everyone will find fascinating!

In preparation for Ms. Roesner’s visit, please read at least one of the articles below. As you read, make a list of questions that come up in your mind. What do you wonder about the technology or ethical issues? Do you think this is a real danger or just an academic question? Who has responsibility for the safety and legal issues and consequences? Usw…

When you have read an article, go to the Lab 319 blog, and post a comment there on the “Car Hacking” item with your substantive, not frivolous, questions. This is an assignment that will count in your grade.


Finally, here is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list about the project prepared by the researchers:  Auto Security FAQ.

Your blog comment post is due by Monday, October 25.


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