Why Study Computer Science ?

The answer should be because you find it interesting, challenging, stimulating, fun, useful, etc.

I am a huge believer in the value of a good liberal arts education. I recommend it for everyone for an undergraduate college degree. I think everyone going to college should get exposed to all the knowledge in as many fields as they can. It makes you a good thinker.

But in case a good, well-paying career is on your mind, there is one more good reason to study computer science or engineering:

Engineering, Computer-Science Pay More Than Liberal Arts

Wall Street Journal (10/25/10) Joe Light

Computer science and engineering graduates generally have significantly higher starting salaries than liberal arts majors, according to a Wall Street Journal and PayScale.com study. Graduates with computer science degrees had average starting salaries of $50,000 in their first full-time jobs out of college, while communications and English majors earned $34,000 in their first jobs, the study found. Engineering graduates’ $56,000 average was the highest among the 11,000 graduates polled by the study. Technical majors even have an advantage in fields that are typically reserved for liberal arts majors, says career counselor Katy Plotrowski. “Technical degrees are valued in all fields,” Plotrowski says. “I’ve a seen a [company] communications department actually prefer that someone have an engineering degree rather than a communications degree.” She also notes that the pay advantage of graduates with technical degrees persists throughout their careers.

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