Song of the Day

I’d be very happy to have some songs in the air at the beginning of class.

The last time I played something, as one of you walked in the room, you stopped, cocked an ear, and said to me, “You need some new tunes.”

I agree. The stuff I think about listening to is surely not what you folks know and like. But I’m interested to hear what you’re listening to, so I invite you to enlighten me.

Bring in some songs and I’ll put them in iTunes and play them occasionally. Here are the guidelines:

  • Keep it clean and appropriate. This is school…
  • Four minutes maximum, so it fits between the bells.
  • Tell us what you like about the song!

Put an MP3 or any format file in the Course Dropbox in the “Music” folder and I’ll grab it from there.

Drop them here: W:\Staff_Student\ahdavidson\Writeable\Music\

I’ll bet I can identify the track, too!


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