New course: Intro to Computer Science

Next semester (Spring 2010-11), I’ll be teaching a new course at Roosevelt called “Introduction to Computer Science.”



Full details can be found here: Introduction to CS

Here is the course description:

This course is an introduction to computer science and software engineering for all students interested in developing software applications, not just using them.

Through a project-oriented approach, students will explore a variety of programming systems and languages to create interactive applications and systems. By collaborating in a hands-on environment, students will learn problem solving, software design, debugging strategies, and the foundations of computer science (data structures, procedures, and algorithms).

Students will work on projects (both individual and team) in the areas of graphics and games, animation and art, electronics systems, and interactive fashion. The software used to create the projects will be open-source packages such as Scratch, Processing, Arduino, and LilyPad.

All students who are curious and willing to experiment and explore are welcome to have some serious fun while gaining an understanding of computer science.

It will be offered 2nd period. Students should see their counselor to register and change their current schedule.


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