Web Design 2 for spring

Since some of you may already have registered for Web Design 2 next semester, or be interested in taking it, I thought I would explain what will happen in that class if you have already taken Web Design 1 with me.

Like this semester, there will be students registered for both Web Design 1 and 2 in the same class period. Web Design 1 will essentially be the same as this semester’s class — websites, HTML, CSS, CMS, and a final project.

Web Design 2 will be for students who want to use the working knowledge they have developed in Web Design 1 and apply it to a real project. Students will conceive, research, design, develop, and operate a functioning website for a real client or user community. The website focus and goals, chosen by the student, are first developed in a project proposal. Once the project is approved, students are expected to work with a high degree of independence and self-direction to bring it to fruition, emphasizing good planning, documentation, communication, design, technology, and usability. Team projects are encouraged, as web design is a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary endeavor.

Web Design 2 students will learn to be web masters, as well as being web designers.


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