AP Computer Science next year

Code fragment:

Student student = new Student(123456);
int graduation = student.getClass();
boolean senior = (graduation == 2012);
if (!senior) {
   // you will soon be choosing courses for next year

That’s Java for the fact that most Roosevelt students will soon be selecting courses to take next year. In 2011-12, Roosevelt will be offering the AP Computer Science A course for the first time. I’ll be teaching it.

AP CS is a rigorous study of the theory and practice of computer science and software engineering. It covers fundamental concepts of programming, including data structures, algorithms, and procedures, as well as object-oriented methodologies. Students will learn problem-solving techniques, software design and documentation skills, and development and debugging strategies, all using the Java programming language.

This Advanced Placement course is the equivalent of a first-year college course in computer science, and is based on the University of Washington’s curriculum for its introductory computer science course (CSE 142/143). It prepares students to take the AP Computer Science A Exam in the spring.


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