Sifteo Beta Test

You are all invited to beta test the new Sifteo game cubes.

We have this system on loan from the company to be one of their beta test sites. This system is not available to the general public yet, and they are looking for feedback from users like you.


You must agree NOT to take any pictures or videos of the Sifteos. And you may NOT write, blog, or otherwise publish any information about this beta test. It is strictly confidential. I signed a legal agreement that none of us would publicize anything about this beta version. Don’t!!!

Now, here’s how it works:

  1. Play one (or more) of the games that are available. Have fun. See the instruction sheet for details.
  2. Fill out Sifteo’s online survey about your experience: Sifteo Beta Survey.
  3. Fill out the Roosevelt CS Sifteo Beta Log and you’ll get extra credit for your class grade.

Hurry, offer ends soon!!


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