The Most Human Human

Earlier this semester we looked at the issue of artificial intelligence in computing in the context of  the Watson/Jeopardy challenge.

One of the questions related to that issue was the Turing Test — how to determine if computer software could be considered
“intelligent.” Alan Turing proposed a test for this, in which if software could fool a human into thinking the program was a human and not a computer, then the computer could be considered to have human intelligence.

You may recall that there is a competition every year for this. A local writer was one of the humans involved in a recent version of this competition. Brian Christian wrote a book about this experience, called “The Most Human Human.”

He will be speaking this Tuesday night at the Elliott Bay Book Company, on Cap Hill. These author readings and talks at EBB are always free, and often a great way to learn something about the subject of the book, whether you read the book or not.


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