Computer Science job prospects

In case you had any doubt about the usefulness of studying computer science, job prospects are very good these days for college grads with degrees in CS.

Here is a quote from a recent story specifically about the UW’s program [emphasis mine]:

Campus legend has it that one computer science student at UW recently secured a $100,000 annual starting salary, a $40,000 signing bonus, and about $200,000 worth of stock from Google. The average computer science undergraduate is said to be getting about $85K to start. Word is that all computer science seniors have job offers, and some have multiple offers from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Zynga, Facebook,, and others, says Pratik Prasad, a UW junior. This is consistent with the stories I hear from tech CEOs in Seattle, who say they are engaged in trench warfare with rivals to get the best young science and engineering talent.

It’s from Xconomy, an online journal about business and technology: “Considering a Career in Biotech? How About Trying Computer Science Instead,” by Luke Timmerman, May 2, 2011.


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