Helmets work

Yesterday on my way home from school, on my bike, some guy in a car decided rather abruptly to make a left turn right in front of me. I wasn’t going that fast, but I was rather rudely introduced to the passenger side of his car. It was a lot bigger and heavier than me.

Bike helmets really do work, since my head slammed into the pavement and did not crack open like a watermelon.  I broke my collarbone and have a lot of bruises, but am happy to be writing this message.

I should be back next Monday, so treat your sub nicely and wear a helmet if you go out on your bike, ok?

In the meantime, here are some things to work on for Thursday and Friday:

Valve Field Trip: For those of you who went on the field trip to Valve, I’d like to hear your reactions and have you reflect a little on what you saw and learned there. Please go to this blog post — Valve Field Trip — and add your comments. Feel free to tell others who went on the trip but who aren’t in my classes to join in the discussion also.

Web Design 1: Work on Assignment 16, your WordPress site; it’s due on Friday. Make sure that your site URL is listed correctly here: Web Design 1 Word Press Sites. If it isn’t, go here — WD 1 Word Press Update — and update it. I’ll grade them over the weekend.

Web Design 2: Continue to develop your SchoolFusion sites. Meet with your teacher/client and show him/her what you have done and get feedback on your work. We’ll review this next week.

Computer Science: Your jobs are to first make sure you have turned in the one page project summary document — Assignment 13. Then, really get started on planning your individual project modules. I expect the integration team to start facilitating these discussions for people working on the bike computer. We’ll take stock on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend and ride safely!


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