Web 2 Project Assessment

Attention all Web 2 students:::

As we discussed in class today, you (especially seniors) should now be doing four things to finish up your projects:

  1. Finish adding all the content and features you have been working on to your teacher’s site.
  2. Meet with your client to show them your site and get any final feedback from them on the project.
  3. Write up a project assessment document, summarizing your findings about the project, SchoolFusion, and the process you went through. I have made up a template for you to modify, based on our discussion today. Download this Project Assessment document and replace my instructions in each section with your answers to the questions.
  4. Assemble your portfolio of materials from the project. This should include the following items, which you should already have completed for earlier assignments. Put them in a binder or folder with tabs neatly labeled to make a professional presentation.
    • Project Proposal
    • Market Survey
    • User Research
    • Site Summary — this is new, screen shots of the site are enough.
    • Project Assessment

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