Nov 17 – 18

As you have gathered by now, I’ll be out this Thursday and Friday. Here’s what’s on tap for you while I’m gone.

  • Intro to CS: There’s a new assignment (#12) posted. This will be our last Scratch project. It may be a little challenging just reading the spec, but that’s a good skill to work on. It’s not due til just before Thanksgiving, so don’t worry if you don’t get it all figured out this week.
    Feel free to organize a group discussion about the strategies for tackling this problem if some people aren’t clear about it, and others have an idea. I’d be delighted to hear that you take some initiative to support each other.
  • Web Design 1: I’ve made your Movie Promo site due this Friday, so continue working on that while I’m gone.
  • Web Design 2: You know what to do — keep building your prototype and check in with your clients.
  • AP CS: I posted a new assignment (#12), which is simply to work on the Practice-It! problems for chapter 4. I realize that we haven’t gone over all of the material for these, but do your best. Check out the slides and the videos in self-study mode until I get back.
    And feel free to organize a group tutorial if some of you want to share some of your understanding with others.
    You can also work on Processing if you choose. I will post Alex’s code as soon as he sends it to me.

Be good, help each other, and have fun with these projects. I’ll be back on Monday.


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