UW Center for Game Science – Summer Internship

The Center for Game Science at the UW is looking for high school students to participate in a summer internship.

They would like a few students to come to their Center during the summer and test their games. Students will learn about the software and game development process,  game design, working in a team, how to test games, report and reproduce bugs, how to run user studies and think-alouds, how to manage online communities, and potentially gain some technical knowledge about ActionScript and Flash.

This internship is unpaid, but should be a great opportunity since the students will be working hand in hand with the team at the Center.

They are seeking students who are passionate about games, since one of their main tasks will be to test their games (currently in development at different stages) and give them feedback. No technical knowledge is required; what is required is a passion for games and computer science, a willingness to learn while having fun, reliability and a good attitude.

Interested students should email Beatrice Marx and let her know of their interest.


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