Roosevelt CS QR codeThis website is for computer science, web design, and related courses at Roosevelt High School in the Seattle Public School district. On it, you can find:

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John Walseth

I’m John Walseth, the Computer Science teacher. Feel free to email me at jswalseth@seattleschools.org. If you’re on school resources and unable to access your email, fill out the form on the Contact Instructor page.

Program Founder

Andrew Davidson is an educator, technologist, and designer with a focus on human-centered interactive systems. He started the Computer Science program at Roosevelt during the 2010-11 school year.

  • Visit his website
  • Read about his teaching experience
  • Send him email regarding CS education

Banner Image

Did you know that the banner image was created using code? Learn what Mr. Davidson used to create it, including the code behind it!