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Assignment submission naming conventions

Dilbert: April 23, 2011

Remember that how you name files that you submit in the course dropbox is VERY important, so that I can keep track of everyone’s work and grade it. Always create a document or folder in your account in this format:

Assignment XXYOUR NAME

Then compress it if it is a folder and submit it in the dropbox for your class period.

If I can’t identify the author of a submission, you won’t get credit for it!

Even Dilbert agrees on the importance of file naming conventions.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from break! I hope you all had a good one.

I’ve graded and posted almost all of the assignments that you have submitted. Check The Source to see if you are missing anything,

Remember that late work is accepted, with a 10% penalty, up to two weeks after the original due date.

Since I was late in grading much of the work, I’ll start the two week clock for everything due so far this semester today.

Watch your browsing!

DIlbert, Feb. 15, 2011

Watch your browsing! Someone may be watching…


Eames Office

Today in Web Design, we’re going to take a small diversion into the design part of web design, and look at the work of Charles and Ray Eames.

Charles and Ray Eames (The Eames Office) were among the most important designers working in middle of the 20th century. (They were a husband and wife team, not brothers, as many people often think.)

They did architecture, furniture (a very famous chair still made, called the Eames Chair), and educational films. Probably the most influential of those films was “The Powers of Ten,” a 1968 documentary that beautifully illustrates the scale of the universe in factors of ten.

Today we’ll look at a TED video by their grandson, Eames Demetrious, talking about “The Design Genius of Charles + Ray Eames.”

Late Work

Since it wasn’t in the syllabus that I handed out the first day, I just wanted to remind everyone of the policy for submitting assignments late. (It’s on the syllabus page of the course site now.)

This course is structured so that you can accomplish most of the required work during class sessions, because much of it requires software and supplies that are in our lab. But things always come up, from absences to illness to just needing extra time. Late work will be accepted, without regard to cause, because I would rather have you do the work and learn the material we cover than not.

However, to be fair and to encourage you to keep up with the work, late assignments will be marked down 10%. And you can submit late work not more than two weeks past the due date, without extenuating circumstances.