Microsoft DreamSpark

Installation links

VIDEOS (from non-UW, non-textbook resources)

  • Boolean Logic: “video” and short practice problems
  • For Loops: breakdown of For Loop structure as well as detail about what happens as a For Loop is running
  • For and For Each Loops: single video showing Java code for both
  • Encapsulation: “video” explaining what concept this word is about (hint: “Objects & Classes” in our BJP textbook)
  • Constructors: overview of Constructors in Object classes
  • Object Methods: adding and using toString() and equals() in Object classes
  • Method Madness Overview: explanation of method concepts, including clarifying similarities and differences in the separate sub-concepts
  • Inheritance: abstract classes, extends, the keyword this, super(), super.method()
  • Comparable Interface: (implements the Comparable Interface) and (uses the Circle object)
  • GridWorld: five videos including how to create your own Critter and (important!) inheriting from Actors, Bugs, Critters
  • Recursion: interactive “video” on recursive algorithms

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