Computer Applications | Overview

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This course will give you the knowledge and skills to master the digital tools of life today. There are no prerequisites other than a basic familiarity with computers and an interest in learning.


In this course, students of all backgrounds and interests will gain an understanding of how to use the essential computer applications for business, education, and personal life. We will cover the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as internet browsing and blogging, and basic web design.

There will be a series of short assignments during the course to gain familiarity with these tools. You will be applying the tools to a project that you will develop during the course as a concrete application of your skills. There will be flexibility in the topic for this project, allowing you to explore subjects that interest you.


In today’s complex world, all citizens need to be digitally literate to function as productive members of our society. Digital literacy (along with other forms of literacy) is necessary whether you plan to go on to college, enter the workforce directly, or eventually start your own business.

Learning how to be a digital practitioner is good for many reasons: it’s a very marketable skill, valuable knowledge for your own needs, and useful for a better understanding of how digital technology affects many, if not most, aspects of our lives. At a minimum, after this course, you should be well prepared to succeed in the work you need to do in the rest of your high school career.