Intro to CS | Resources

Arduino Info


  • Resistor Code Chart: an explanation of how to decode the colored stripe codes on resistors.
  • Breadboard Connections: an X-ray view of a breadboard so you can see how to connect components to it (image from Make:Electronics).

Presentation Slides

Scratch Demos

  • Pentagon Tutorial: this program, by Mike, shows one way to draw a pentagon correctly in Scratch. It’s a nice simple method, and helps you understand the stuff about angles of your sprites.
  • N-gon Draw: this program, by me, uses trig functions to calculate coordinates on the circumference of a polygon and draw it. It also shows how to use a variable to control the number sides and the radius of the polygon.
  • Variable Demo: this program, by me, demonstrates the basic use of a variable. It also shows how to respond to a number of different keyboard events to make things interactive. And it shows how to use various operators to do calculations and manipulations of variables.
  • Conditional Demo: this program, by me, is an extension of the Variables demo that shows how to use a simple conditional test.

Scratch Info