Web Design 2


Students in Web Design 2 will conceive, research, design, develop, and operate a functioning website for a real client or user community. The website focus and goals are first developed in a project proposal. Once the project is approved, students are expected to work with a high degree of independence and self-direction to bring it to fruition, emphasizing good planning, user research, documentation, communication, design, technology, and usability. Team projects are encouraged, as web design is a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary endeavor.

Project Milestones

Num Title Due Pts
01 Project Proposal March 11 5
02 Market Survey March 23 5
03 Client Selection March 25 5
04 User Research April 1 10
05 Site Design April 8 10
06 Prototype April 15 10
07 Production/User Test May 11 10
08 Final Site May 18 25
09 Project Documentation May 23 10
10 Client Approval May 27 5
11 Final Presentation June 10 5

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Milestone 01: Project Proposal

Write a simple one or two paragraph description of the scope of the problem and what you are trying to achieve. It includes what teacher you have in mind for your client, as well as what and how you are planning to implement the site. It describes an overview of the project.

DUE: March 11 | 5 pts

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Milestone 02: Market Survey

Search online for teacher websites comparable to your proposed client’s subject area and make a short survey of them. Then compile a list of important features that might be good for a teacher’s website. Pick five websites you think are worth sharing with the group, and make a one page summary sheet of each site with a representative screen shot and list of features.

DUE: March 23 | 5 pts

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Milestone 03: Client Selection

Create a ranked list of three teachers you are considering making a website for. Explore in a conversation with the teachers whether they need a teacher website, and whether they are willing to spend time with you to help craft the site to their needs. When you find a willing client that you would like to work with, make sure they understand the purpose, goals and scope of the project. Have them sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” document that outlines the project plan.

DUE: March 25 | 5 pts

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Milestone 04: User Research

Once you have an agreement with your client, begin detailed discussions with the teacher, before/after school or during lunch/class. You will interview them about what they see as their primary needs for a course website. Compile a least of needed features, functions, or content that the teacher will want on his/her website. Also make a list of the pros and cons of the current system (the Source) from the teacher’s perspective. This research should be compiled and written down, to summarize your research findings.

DUE: April 1 | 10 pts

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Milestone 05: Site Design

Now that you have a sense of what the client wants in the website, it is time to start designing it. You are to create a comprehensive interactive architecture chart that describes all of the pages and components of the site you will create. You will also create wireframe diagrams for the main pages of their website in order to illustrate the visual layout. The document should also include text descriptions of the overall design goals for the site, and be in a professional format that can be shown to the client. The client must sign off on this design proposal.

DUE: April 8 | 10 pts

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Milestone 06: Prototype

You will create a prototype website with the new SPS “SchoolFusion” system, WordPress, or another tool with permission. The prototype must have an appropriate theme, with all pages described in the design implemented at least as placeholders (at least one piece of content on that page). This will be in a sense a rough draft, so you can demonstrate the basic site organization and look to the client. Once the prototype is created, you will show it to the client in a review session.

The review sessions are to be done with a partner student, so that you can conduct the demo and interview, and the partner can take notes and record the comments of the teacher. Capture in your notes all of the comments and observations the teacher makes about your prototype. Record all of the problems, missing information, and suggestions made by the client. The main goal is to see if the you have created, in general, what the teacher wants on the website. You are also trying to determine if the functionality of the website is suitable and user-friendly. The client must also sign off on this step of the process.

DUE: April 15 | 10 pts

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Milestone 07: Production/User Test

This is where the bulk of the production work happens. Your task in this phase is to completely implement the site, according to your design plans, incorporating the feedback you received from the client in the prototype phase.

When you have a site that is ready for real users to experiment with, you will conduct a series of user tests. These test sessions will be held with the client (the teacher), and other “stakeholders” for the site. You should also have test sessions with students, parents, and administrators, since all of them will be at least occasional users of the website.

As in previous milestones, these test sessions will be done in pairs, and a detailed test report will be compiled and written up. The client must also sign off on this report. The report will become part of your final project portfolio.

DUE: May 11 | 10 pts

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Milestone 08: Final Site

Based on all of the feedback and testing you have done, your task is now to finish the site!

The final site must be fully functional and meet the goals of the client. The website must look professional, and be substantive and useful. A final demo session with the client will held, and as in previous meetings, he or she must sign off on the milestone.

DUE: May 18 | 25 pts

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Milestone 09: Project Documentation

For this milestone, you are to assemble at least three copies of a professional portfolio folder containing all of documentation, notes, reports, sketches, designs, etc. that you have accumulated during the project. This folder, in addition to being a record of your work on the project, will also serve as a “process book” for your project. This will allow potential employers or other clients to see how you work, not only what you can deliver.

One copy of the folder is submitted to me, one goes to your client, and one is for you to keep.

DUE: May 23 | 10 pts

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Milestone 10: Client Approval

To satisfy this milestone, you will “deliver” the site to the teacher. This involves giving them their copy of the project folder, the login or other access to the site, and making sure they know how to use it and make updates to it on their own. Once again, a sign off is required from the client, saying they accept the work as delivered.

DUE: May 27 | 5 pts

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Milestone 11: Final Presentation

Finally, you will prepare a short presentation of the entire project to be given in class. The presentations will be for your classmates (Web Design 1 and 2 students), all of the teacher clients, and other invited guests.

DUE: June 10 | 5 pts