Web Design 2 | Assignments


Num Title Due Kind Max Pts
PG Google Field Trip May 31 PR 2
P5 Project Documentation Jun 13 PR 5
P4 Text File Exporter Jun 8 PR 20
P3 JS Data Validation May 30 PR 10
P2 UI HTML Mockup May 23 PR 10
P1 UI Design Sketch May 17 PR 5
07 Javascript if/else worksheet May 10 CL 2
06 HTML forms mini-project May 4 HW 4
05 JavaScript Functions Programming Problems Apr 30 HW 2
04 JavaScript Functions Worksheet Apr 23 CL 1
03 JavaScript Variables Worksheet Apr 09 CL 1
02 Project 1 Mar 30 HW 20
01 Forum Registration Feb 29 CL 1
00 Course Admin Feb 6 CL 1

Assignment PG: Google Field Trip

This assignment is only for those of you who went on the field trip to Google last week.

I would like you to answer a few questions as a reflection on what you learned at Google.

To do that, just use this link: Submit Assign P1, and answer the questions on that survey.

GRADING (Professionalism)
Survey answered 2 pts
DUE: Thursday, May 31.

Assignment 07: Javascript if/else worksheet

Complete the worksheet on JavaScript if/else statements (a new concept): If/else statements in Javascript.

GRADING (Classwork)
Assignment completed 2 pt
DUE: Thursday, May 10.

Assignment 06: HTML forms mini-project

Go read over the slides on HTML forms (if you haven’t already):
HTML forms. Once you get to the slide entitled Processing Form Data in PHP, stop reading (we are not going into PHP).Use the slides as a reference to complete this assignment.

Practice creating a web form by making ONE of the following:

  • Create a MadLib generator. You can use the MadLibs from this website or find your own on the web. You must use at least one other type of form element besides text fields (for example a drop down list). The calculator assignment we did in the past will help you to make this functional [run] [view source code].
  • Think of a product and create an order form (it doesn’t have to function at all)
  • Come up with your own idea for a web form (must contain at least 3 different types of form elements)
GRADING (Classwork)
Assignment completed 4 pt
DUE: Friday, May 4.

Assignment 05: Javascript functions programming

Complete the first three problems here: Javascript functions programming problems.

You can do the forth problem as an extra to get experience using JQuery.

GRADING (Homework)
Assignment completed 2 pt
DUE: Monday, April 30.

Assignment 04: Javascript functions worksheet

Complete the worksheet on Javascript functions: Javascript functions worksheet.

GRADING (Classwork)
Assignment completed 1 pt
DUE: Monday, April 23.

Assignment 03: JavaScript Variables

Complete the worksheet on JavaScript variables: Variables.

GRADING (Classwork)
Worksheet completed 1 pt
DUE: Monday, April 9.

Assignment 02: Project 1

Complete the SchoolFusion prototype work for the RHS website.

GRADING (Homework)
Project tasks completed 20 pts
DUE: Friday, March 30.

Assignment 01: Forum Registration

To begin using our new online discussion board, please register with a username on that site: Roosevelt CS Forum.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the site, Roosevelt CS Forum, and click the “Register” option.
  2. Choose a username that is your first name plus the first letter of your last name. (For example, mine would be “Andy D.”) This is so that we know who is the author of a post, and to ensure that you aren’t exposing yourself online with a full name, since this is a public forum. There will be some future assignments involving posting in the forum, so I’ll need to be able to recognize you to give you credit for them.
  3. Fill in the rest of the required information, including a VALID email address. You will have to be able to receive email at that address to complete your registration. You can do that on your phone or a computer not at school. You will have to confirm your registration request by email.
  4. Once registered, login and explore the forum. You can use the Practice Area subforum to try things out.
GRADING (Classwork)
Username registered 1 pt
DUE: Wednesday, February 29.

Assignment 00: Course Admin

Please complete the following three course administrative tasks for this assignment:

  • Discuss the syllabus and course policies with your parent or guardian and return the signed form to me.
  • Fill out an online survey with some information about yourself for me. You can find a link to the survey in the menu above on this site: Info | Student Info Survey.
  • Have your parent or guardian fill out an online (or on paper) survey and submit it or return it to me with the letter: Info | Parent Info Survey.
GRADING (Classwork)
Family letter signed & returned
Student Info survey completed
Parent Info survey completed
1 pt
DUE: Monday, February 6.