Lab 319

Lab 319

28 Dell OptiPlex 740 computers running Windows 7


some nice convivial table spaces for gathering or working

When there is no class in session and a teacher is in the room, Lab 319 is open to all students who want to come in and use the workstations or just hang out. First come, first served on the computers.The ground rules are below. Students who violate them may be admonished, asked to leave, banned from the lab, or subjected to disciplinary actions, depending on the severity of the offense.

  • Behavior: You are expected to be respectful of your fellow classmates, visitors, and teachers at all times. RHS rules for disciplinary actions for all manner of misconduct are listed in the Student Handbook. They apply here, too.
  • Computer Usage: You must abide by the RHS and Seattle Public Schools rules for computer usage, as described in the Student Handbook. No inappropriate content, accessing prohibited internet sites, illegal activities, etc. Even though it’s not a class, the rules still apply.
  • Food/Drink: No food or drink is allowed at the computer workstations. Computers and keyboards and mice do not need sustenance! You may eat or drink only at the tables in the center of the room when necessary. Please clean up before you leave. We don’t want real live mice in the lab.
  • Personal Electronics: You’re free to use electronics as long as you are considerate of others in the lab. Please keep the volume down so you don’t bother people around you.